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The Documentary

"Indiskt väsen" 

About "Indiskt Väsen"

Kiggs – a filmmaker with a passion that transcends borders. Adopted from the vibrant streets of Calcutta, India, Kiggs has woven a life in Sweden since he was adopted to Sweden only three months old.

As the cameras start rolling for our upcoming documentary, we embark on a profound exploration into Kiggs' soul. His upcoming Hollywood project is a horror film, not just any horror film, but one deeply rooted in the mystical tapestry of an Indian urban legend. The twist? Kiggs, who left the shores of India as a toddler, is now returning to his roots to shoot this spine-chilling tale.

The documentary delves into the essence of Kiggs' identity, threading the narrative of a man caught between two worlds. Is he Swedish or Indian? The lines blur as we accompany him on his emotional journey back to the country of his birth.

The heart of the documentary lies in unraveling the layers of Kiggs' cultural curiosity. Why did he choose a script deeply entrenched in Indian folklore for his Hollywood debut? The answers may lie in the fragments of his past, the echoes of a life left in another part of the world.

Growing up in Sweden, Kiggs faced the challenges of being different. The documentary candidly captures his reflections on identity, weaving together the threads of his experiences. How did he navigate the complexities of identity in a country where he stood out?

The emotional core of the documentary rests on Kiggs' future return to India. What emotions will surface as he steps onto the soil that once cradled him? 

The film also grapples with the poignant question – why has Kiggs never returned to India before? What barriers, emotional or otherwise, kept him from revisiting the land of his origin? These unanswered questions form the backbone of our narrative, inviting viewers to ponder the complexities of adoption, identity, and the longing for connection.

"Indiskt Väsen" promises an intimate exploration of a filmmaker's soul, blending the excitement of an upcoming Hollywood production with the raw emotions of a personal odyssey. As the lenses focus on Kiggs, the lines between documentary and cinema blur, mirroring the intricate dance of identity that defines us all.

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon
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